Build SF


“Build SF is a Terrific Contractor.”

“It’s been a pleasure working with Build SF, my bathroom looks and works great, everything was done very professionally and the service and follow-up have been excellent, best of all the house was kept very clean during the demolition and construction process.”

“Outstanding Work!”

“The job was a 3-Tier Deck. The main deck was a second story with a landing and patio deck added. Rudy made our job affordable and his communication and personality was just great. Wilfredo is a wonderful craftsman, great skills, very polite and pleasant to work with. We are very happy with the results. We will always use and refer Build SF.” – Micci Toliver

“We love the way our bathroom turned out!”

“My bathroom looks just how I envisioned.”

“The work was done very professionally and I was quite amazed at how quickly and neatly the assignment was completed. In addition to the quality of the work, I was very happy with the way the staff conducted themselves during the project. I would recommend their services to anyone who wants a skilled job completed by professional gentleman.”

“As far as their work, they were here everyday on time and cleaned up, we were really happy with them, the fact that I would hire them again says it all.” – Mary Swift

“They did things when they said they were going to do them and they were very responsive when we had issues. Renovations should not be pursued without serious consideration. If you are going to do it, you want someone like Build SF. The final product was beautiful, the new bedroom and bathroom are gorgeous.” – Jason Gerlach

“The Project Manager was great about talking to us at the beginning of the week, explaining what was scheduled, exactly as he said it was going to be. Never said, ‘no work is happening to day,’ there was always something being done.” –Tracy Hogan

“I didn’t ever feel like I was being taken advantage of, or get the sense that things were inflated. The prices were right in line with what I expected them to be. The quality of work and the attention to detail far surpassed my expectations. The Project Manager did not let anything get by. We lived in the house during the renovation and I felt very taken care of.” – Tracy Hogan

“The overall quality of the job was just really spectacular. Could not have been more pleased.” – Tracy Hogan

“They did an incredible job of making sure the construction area stayed the construction area and our living space stayed separate. Simon was very responsive, if I needed anything or if there was something I was a little concerned about usually that day or the next he would be on the site. Very attentive and very conscientious guy.” – Tracy Hogan

“I really didn’t have to worry, things were just handled so well, communication was so good between all the parties. I felt like I was in such good hands. Best renovation experience I’ve ever had!” –Tracy Hogan

“We think of them as top-notch, responsible, communicative, a quality organization doing quality work.” – Richard Lesnick