BUILD/SF is a full-service construction firm, helping San Francisco and Bay Area residents re-en envision their homes to fit their individual needs. We are committed to proactive and detail-oriented project management, producing excellent work from home remodels and restoration projects to new kitchen and bathroom construction. Our collaborative approach allows us to familiarize ourselves with our clients wishes and enables us to advocate for homeowners from the pre-construction and permitting phases to the final inspection and finishing touches on a project. We work with select designers, architects and engineers to plan and create a design for homeowners which embodies their lifestyle. 

We have the pleasure of working with the same experienced team of project managers and expert builders for 25 years. Working under the direction of Principal and Founder Simon Spark, our crew works seamlessly together to build beautiful high-end residential projects for our clients around San Francisco. We showcase highly-detailed work on our projects and we execute them on schedule, always remaining readily transparent on costs and our business practices. Our primary purpose is to help clients reinvent their homes to reflect their personal style while using our craftsmanship to bring functionality and purpose to the forefront. Communication, integrity, and aesthetics are the forces that drive us throughout our diverse portfolio of projects. We invite you to look at our projects for inspiration and we are happy to speak with you at any construction stage.

Our Process

We distinguish ourselves from other construction companies through our unparalleled craftsmanship, seamless and proactive project management, primary focus on client retention, and transparent communication and business practices. We use weekly cost projections to track our budget and ensure our projects are always on schedule and we meet with clients frequently to maintain a close relationships with them throughout the project and we continue to check on them long after our projects come to a close. We know that building trust is equally important to building houses, and we show our dedication to our clients, their vision and all those involved through action. We’re always available to our clients, designers, architects, engineers, and subcontractors throughout the duration of the project and we maintain direct supervision over all aspects of the construction process.

We produce whole house restorations and whole-house remodels. Our crews perform structural concrete work, framing, and finish carpentry. We have a sizable roster of reliable and highly proficient subcontractors. 


At the onset of a project we start by developing an initial project budget, refining its component scopes as details become available.  We solicit reliable competitive bids from eligible subcontractors and specialty contractors to ensure that most of the project is produced under fixed contracts so that the schedule and costs of the project are controlled. Most importantly, we make sure that our clients understand the cost implications and that they are aligned with the owner’s cost expectations. We provide Value Engineering (cost cutting suggestions) in the context of the design’s architectural intent.

If there are any unforeseen conditions which change the scope of work we schedule a budget approval meeting. Following a thorough meeting over the budget, we include all changes in scope or additional scope in a revised document and submit it to the Owner/s for approval. Once approved we adjust the budget and schedule according to any new conditions.

The project schedule will be developed based on the information gained from our senior supervisors, the project team, as well as input from our specialty subcontractors. The schedule is reviewed regularly and we notify our clients promptly of any changes made to the schedule before we distribute it to the entire project team, supervisors, crew members and any subcontractors it affects.

We advocate for collaboration and open communication throughout the project timeline between our clients and all stakeholders of the Project Team including the Architect/s, Interior Designer/s, Engineer/s, Outside Consultant/s, and Sub-Contractors. By working in concert with the Owner/s and their team, we realize economies of scale while advancing design intent, along with the Owner’s specific financial objectives. Individually tailored project teams are selected for every project, ensuring that we apply our best talent for the unique requirements of any project and the opportunity to excel that each project scope presents.

Design Build Capability

BUILD/SF also offers design build services to clients who are not already working with an architectural firm. Our associate designers are able to help our clients execute beautiful designs that engender the sentiment they wish to express in home renovation and design. We design with architectural intent, producing innovative work that is high end in quality. As a firm that can both express design and contracting work, we are careful to always bring in architects for larger scopes of work, and we always work with licensed interior designers to bring the client’s vision to full fruition. By working dually as a design build and contracting company, we are well aware of the design build process and our artistic capabilities are an asset that is welcomed by the designers, architects and engineers we work with. From our design build experience, our supervisors are attentive to small details and work closely with all team members to create the project designs flawlessly and with the intent of the designs. Our design build process is slightly different from our contracting process and we consult our clients on which one they should contract us for at the very beginning of their project’s review. 

Well-schooled in architecture and Interiors, we lend our guidance where it will help most to move the process or the outcomes forward. We can design an entire remodel, add details to an already programmed project, or simply be of assistance whenever needed. As a design/build firm, we often partner with architects, engineers, and interior designers. Our aim is to provide value from the onset of the project, providing our expertise to the design team, spearheading preliminary concept development, programming, and design development. Because we will be the eventual contractor, our input to the project is strategic to the owner’s objectives, the designer’s vision, the project’s finances, and the property value.

Construction + Site Management

Our Project Managers are responsible for handling the flow of communications between the project team Client, Designer, Architect, Engineer, and the Site Superintendent. They maintain comprehensive documentation, initiate clarification of design and site conditions, artfully manage budgets and schedules, and reconcile costs. Project Managers conduct weekly site meetings with the Architect, Owner (or Owner Rep.) and the Site Superintendent to provide detailed updates on job progress. The weekly meetings provide an opportunity to discuss unresolved design, construction, schedule or budgetary issues.

Build SF’s Site Superintendents control and manage daily operations at the site. They, in conjunction with the Project Managers, determine the weekly production schedule, coordinate Subcontractors and manage our in-house crews. Their top responsibilities are to ensure timely and efficient construction practices and the highest level of quality achievable within the physical and financial constraints of the work.

Core Values

Excellence, craftsmanship, and collaboration are the building blocks of a successful project, and these are the principles by which we operate. 

Our projects’ success is measured by our clients' satisfaction, their experience with our company, and the immaculate rendering of their project’s design.

We bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to every project we’re contracted to build. From the initial design of a project to its impeccable realization, we stress the importance of creating excellence.

We employ a level of unparalleled craftsmanship to the designs drafted for our clients. Our team is held to the highest standards of residential building and the results are apparent in every regard. 

We collaborate with all parties involved to bring our client’s vision forward during all stages of construction. It is essential that every person has the same understanding of how the designs work, function and look. With this mission we carry out construction as its design was intended.